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Merry Christmas everybody, from a cabin near Andrews North Carolina!!  :D
Happy Thanksgiving!  Over the last few days I have thought long and hard for all I have to be thankful for.  Friends, family, and their continued health of course.  My home and my job, though it can at times be stressful.  In my career I have had the privilege and honor to serve God, country, community, and most importantly people.  Over the course of time I have saved and comforted many.  the wife of the man who invented the Spitfire airplane, one of Houdini's assistants, a Merchant Marine that survived being strafed in the pacific during WWII, the first surviving recipient of a Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery at NYU, countless foolish children doing foolish things, and so many more are amoung my list of previous patients.

Still this year was a hard one.  With the resurgence of heroine and other street narcotics and the violence in general that has invaded our society... it has been hard.  Last week it seemed for ever one I saved I lost one.  Yet I feel blessed to have been called to this life I lead.

Still many good things have happened this year.  I finally made Professor at the college.  None who grew up with me would ever have guessed that would happen.  And as of moments ago today, I was promoted to Lieutenant at the fire department.  :D  What is more the promotion has been done in such a way that I get to keep my job at the college as well.  I can not express how grateful and relieved am. 

I hope all of you have made it through this year relatively unscathed and that you all have a SAFE and Happy Thanksgiving! 

((hugs)) for everyone!

~Fyre  aka The Grumpy ol' War Horse
Hello to all that still keep out an eye.  Been horribly busy and having tremendous mood swings as of late.   :/  I do intend to try and write some more and perhaps try my hand at drawing again.  I know I am not an artist but I still like to try from time to time.  Lately I have been sitting back and enjoying all you guys and your often quite amazing art.  It has brought me great joy over the last year.  You all have an amazing gift and it is wonderful that you choose to share it with us all.  :D  Thank you.  Hope as the holidays approach and the year comes to a close that you are all healthy and happy.  ~Fyre
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Battening down the hatches for the incoming hurricane.  See y'all when its over!  :D
I caught some POKEMONS!!   A Charmander, Ratata, Doduo, Pigeoto, and a Pigey.  My iPhone was dead under an hour from a plugged in state and my grils were squealing all around me.  :)  Such a cool game.  I hope they get the server issues sorted out... cause... WE GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL!  XD

So, who has caught what?  :)
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Not an egghead. I am well read.



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GeneralDurandal Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017
How are you doing?
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GeneralDurandal Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016
Randi is allowed to enter the KoH, 9th Art Contest, OC Entry.
happyshorty Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for all the faves friend!! :D  I was trying out my go pro camera.  If you would like to see some video of the Battle I'll be posting some on my YouTube channel within a few days.
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GeneralDurandal Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2016
Would Randi help Swordread evacuate enemy civilians,
even though the orders where to destroy the city leaving no survivors?
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