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A New Tale II
Brilliant rays would descend down onto the precious article.  Or perhaps it would be a secret tome on a pedestal that would hold some wonderful, yet terrible spell.  Or she may see a treasure map leading to some hidden relic of Equestria!  Spotz’s mind raced as she followed her grandmother up the secret stairs.  It was all she could do to not push past the small pony and gallop to the top.  Then they were there, only a wooden hatch between them and this library’s national treasure.
Heather pushed open the hatch and crawled up on to the floor followed by an enthusiastic Spotz.  Here lay a small barren room with a simple desk and stool.  Heather sat heavily upon the stool clearly showing her age.  She looked back at her granddaughter and smiled.
Spotz just stood there slack jawed.  “That’s it?”
Heather chuckled and motioned for Spotz to turn around.  Against the back wall a large tapestry hung.  Woven of
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Canterlot Cases 39.5 The Mirror Pool
Twilight hesitated before the mirror that would take her into the other realm.  Celestia had asked her to return to Canterlot High, find the other sirens and bring them back and her friends as well if she could convince them.  Twilight did not feel good about this and a feeling of doom had formed in her belly.  
She looked back at Celestia and Luna and saw concern where once there would have been looks of confidence.  With a deep breath she stepped through the portal, followed a moment later by Spike.  
“I can’t help but wonder what a more grown up Spike will look like on the other side.”  Luna pondered.  All expected Spike to go and knew better then to try and stop him or even suggest he do otherwise.
Everfree Forest
“It’s a statue of Mintie?”  Destrier asked fearing the answer.
“I… I don’t think so.”  Honeycrisp refused to look back at the statue.  “I think it
:iconfyre-medi:Fyre-Medi 4 7
honeycrisp EQG :iconfyre-medi:Fyre-Medi 6 10
A New Tale
The shadowy cloaked figure leapt from the broken window of the Canterlot Royal Museum and landed softly on the cobblestone.  The bag on it’s back hung oddly being weighed down by a heavy object hidden within.  Swiftly it crept into the shadows and glanced about.  Certain it had not been seen it took a deep breath and exhaled softly in the night.  Then just as it started to creep away a voice broke the silence.
“Not this time burglar.”  Rusty appeared from a nearby alley, his polished bronze armor reflecting the moonlight.  “In the name of Princess Twilight, you are under arrest.”  He walked calmly forward.  He had been assigned to watch over the museum throughout the day and had elected to stay late tonight.  Something had told him tonight would be the night.  
Like a shot the cloaked figure ran the other way but Rusty was expecting such and was hot on its heels.  The thief turned left
:iconfyre-medi:Fyre-Medi 3 7
Canterlot Cases 39 A Healer's Journey
To say Celestia was concerned was an understatement.  Beside her stood her most loyal student, Princess Twilight.  The only problem was that princess Twilight had not been herself since the disappearance of her friends.  What was worse was that all of Equestria had started to suffer from their absence as well, the traits they symbolized starting to wane in her subjects.  
There was neither laughter nor celebration in Equestria in these dark days.  The cathedral of Kindness actually showed cracks in her foundation but this was only a physical manifestation of a much wider problem.  The poor were suffering immeasurably as none of the well to do were presently supporting any charities and had in fact started hiding their wealth and trying to move their holdings to other countries.  Ponies were lying to her and each other in matters both great and foalish.  An entire company of unicorns had abandoned their posts along the south near the Everfree Fore
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QTm Autumn :iconfyre-medi:Fyre-Medi 5 1 Honey Armored right profile WIP Steel :iconfyre-medi:Fyre-Medi 4 0 Honey Armored right profile WIP Silver :iconfyre-medi:Fyre-Medi 5 8 Honey Armored right profile WIP Bronze :iconfyre-medi:Fyre-Medi 4 6
Canterlot Cases 38 Healer's Journey
Luna descended onto the deck of the platform they had lowered alongside the ship.  She was certain they would be here.  Deep down she felt it and when she heard the first splash she couldn’t help but smile broadly.
Until, the cloven hoof came out of the water and rested on the deck.  Luna took a step back and looked carefully at the golden hoof.  A second joined it and a horselike head emerged from the ocean waves, gleaming crystals around it’s neck.
“Crescendo!”  Luna’s armor appeared instantly.
A loud thud sounded as Charger landed on the platform next to her shifting it to that side.  Luna hopped agilely to the opposite side bringing it even again as sparks crackled from the unicorn’s horn.
The very large siren kept emerging from the ocean and the decks of the Viperfish were a flurry of activity as the ponies rushed to break out the weapons.  
Suddenly more heads emerged from the ocean and the ship was quickly su
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Canterlot Cases 37 Healer's Journey
“Ah don’t understand.”  Honeycrisp was trying to wrap her mind around all she heard.  “If you are a master healer, heal your eyes.”
“I can’t.”  Destrier explained calmly.  “It’s the healing magic that blinded me.”  He sighed waiting for her to reply.  “Hopefully this too will pass and my sight return but… it is different this time.”
“How so.”  Randi grumped.  She was finally recovered from the shock of her imprisonment and all that led to it.  Being freed had been too good to believe.  She had been certain that the guards would kill her in her sleep of torture her mercilessly.  In fact, she had expected it to start when the guard she had shoved came into the cell but Honeycrisp had saved her.
“Who is this again?”  Destrier was put off by this pony’s lack of gratefulness and general snarkyness.
“She is my frie
:iconfyre-medi:Fyre-Medi 3 2
A Bit of Fun X
OOF!  Spotz landed with a thud next to the bush outside the window.  She gave the bush a look like it had betrayed her as she stood up onto three legs and shook off.  That certainly had not cushioned her fall as planned but she had gotten out of the house.  She crouch-hopped over toward the lane and hid in the shadows.  Luckily, nopony seemed to be around.  She nodded satisfied and began to make her way across town to the square.  
Early that evening she had gotten into a verbal brawl with her mother and she still had the sniffles from the tears.  Randi had forbid her to go to the party tonight and said her hoof needed rest.  Then Rusty showed up, her savior, but instead of rescuing her he gave her mother the medications that would inevitably make her drowsy.  She had felt betrayed and let him know it but had regretted that ever since.  Little did her mother know she had not actually taken the medication but stashed it beneath the
:iconfyre-medi:Fyre-Medi 3 7
A Bit of Fun IX
Rusty spied the simple home of Fyre’s family through the bushes.  During the walk over he had fallen prey to inspiration.  He would test the fledgling abilities of his old friend.  And so he watched carefully for any motion in the home and nearby wood.  His patience was finally rewarded with success as a robed figure headed out into a little garden on the far side of the house.
The work robe of the royal guard was easily recognizable as Rusty crept up quickly but quietly along the hedgerow.  Sparks must be full of himself to be wearing it around the house like this but Rusty couldn’t blame him.  He was the first in his family line to receive the honor.  Sparks must be kneeling down, all the better, and Rusty was soon in position to pounce.  With a strong leap he was over the surrounding hedge and pounced on his prey.  
“Ah ha!  Little warm for this isn’t it?!”  Rusty pulled back the cloak and froze.
:iconfyre-medi:Fyre-Medi 3 0
A Bit of Fun VIII
Spotz was terrified as she looked for an escape.  Spearmint had caught up with her unexpectedly and she had taken a wrong turn while trying to get away.  Now he had her penned up in the dark alley where Ponyville’s old library had once stood.  A decrepit old owl that had died in the libraries explosion haunted this place or so it was said.  Thus, Spotz had never frequented this part of town and thus had gotten so easily lost.
“I have you now criminal scum!”  Spearmint growled his horn glowing eerily in the dark.  A piece of rope slithered its way toward her adding to her terror.  Snakes had always made Spotz feel squeamish and this unearthly one even more so.
“W-what are you gonna do.”  She cried.
“The unicorn just laughed evilly as he charged forward.”
“No!”  Spotz cried out shutting her eyes tightly.
There was a loud crash and the sound of a struggle traveled through the otherwise silen
:iconfyre-medi:Fyre-Medi 3 1
A Bit of Fun VI and VII? Things get serious.
“Uncle Fyre!”  Spotz called from outside the small house.
“He is resting Spotz.”  Colgate smiled as she came outside.  
“Furblights again?”  Spotz glanced over her shoulder.
“Yes, yes.”  Colgate glanced back to the bedroom door.  “They plague him awfully.  I do wish I could get him up and about though.  It does not bode well for a pony his age to be constantly in bed.”
“I may be able to help.”  Spotz produced the stein from her saddlebags.  “Mom fent me to bring him thiff.”  She sputtered out while holding the large stein in her mouth.
“I am afraid it would take a bit more then an empty flask to rouse him today.”
“I may haff just the thing.”  Spotz smirked.
Colgate looked suspicious, a look Spotz had grown suddenly aware of.  It seems most ponies looked at her this way.  Spotz tried to look contrite but this di
:iconfyre-medi:Fyre-Medi 2 6
A Bit of Fun V
Grounded, Spotz couldn’t believe she had been grounded for doing nothing!  What’s more, how could her mother ground her at her age?!  The whole conversation last night was ridiculous.
“Young lady!  What were your two up to in town while I was gone?!”  Randi yelled.
Spotz could only blink back in confusion.  “Nothing.”
“Exactly!  How dare you two do this at your age?”
“Wha?”  Spotz shook her head.
“Young lady you are not to leave this shop until further notice!”
“But… but I didn’t do anything.”  Spotz tried to keep her composure.
“I know!  I heard from just about everypony.”  Randi ranted.  “And you are never to do that again!”
Spotz couldn’t help but think her mother was getting addled in her old age.  Spotz sighed deeply.  Downstairs she could hear her mother tidying up shop.  Spotz grabbed t
:iconfyre-medi:Fyre-Medi 3 1


Collage Preview :iconnimaru:Nimaru 21 11 Starco is rial :iconnancysauria:NancySauria 521 40 Celestia hates Swans (Color sketch) :iconyakovlev-vad:Yakovlev-vad 2,063 163 Rainbow Power Hammer Snuggle :iconcrowneprince:CrownePrince 97 6 Allegrezza-cover :icongunslingerpen:gunslingerpen 126 39 Plan B :iconmlp-silver-quill:MLP-Silver-Quill 661 119 She Gave Up :iconnimaru:Nimaru 30 8 A day in the park :iconfoxstar354emma:Foxstar354emma 12 2 OC Honey Crisp plush :iconagatrix:agatrix 76 42 MLP - Clash of Realities Client and Plugin v1.2 :iconmlpminis:MLPMinis 4,383 830 sketch: Leen chibi :iconhoneycrisp1012:Honeycrisp1012 7 5 Your Marshmallow is Ready :iconnimaru:Nimaru 33 5 Uncomfortable position (Color sketch) :iconyakovlev-vad:Yakovlev-vad 1,815 155 Gift sketch: Pretty prancing pony :iconhoneycrisp1012:Honeycrisp1012 18 7 2016 Advent Day 22 :iconbronybyexception:bronybyexception 30 7 Felicity Rose Trotter :icongeneraldurandal:GeneralDurandal 4 4


Merry Christmas everybody, from a cabin near Andrews North Carolina!!  :D
Happy Thanksgiving!  Over the last few days I have thought long and hard for all I have to be thankful for.  Friends, family, and their continued health of course.  My home and my job, though it can at times be stressful.  In my career I have had the privilege and honor to serve God, country, community, and most importantly people.  Over the course of time I have saved and comforted many.  the wife of the man who invented the Spitfire airplane, one of Houdini's assistants, a Merchant Marine that survived being strafed in the pacific during WWII, the first surviving recipient of a Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery at NYU, countless foolish children doing foolish things, and so many more are amoung my list of previous patients.

Still this year was a hard one.  With the resurgence of heroine and other street narcotics and the violence in general that has invaded our society... it has been hard.  Last week it seemed for ever one I saved I lost one.  Yet I feel blessed to have been called to this life I lead.

Still many good things have happened this year.  I finally made Professor at the college.  None who grew up with me would ever have guessed that would happen.  And as of moments ago today, I was promoted to Lieutenant at the fire department.  :D  What is more the promotion has been done in such a way that I get to keep my job at the college as well.  I can not express how grateful and relieved am. 

I hope all of you have made it through this year relatively unscathed and that you all have a SAFE and Happy Thanksgiving! 

((hugs)) for everyone!

~Fyre  aka The Grumpy ol' War Horse
Hello to all that still keep out an eye.  Been horribly busy and having tremendous mood swings as of late.   :/  I do intend to try and write some more and perhaps try my hand at drawing again.  I know I am not an artist but I still like to try from time to time.  Lately I have been sitting back and enjoying all you guys and your often quite amazing art.  It has brought me great joy over the last year.  You all have an amazing gift and it is wonderful that you choose to share it with us all.  :D  Thank you.  Hope as the holidays approach and the year comes to a close that you are all healthy and happy.  ~Fyre
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Battening down the hatches for the incoming hurricane.  See y'all when its over!  :D
I caught some POKEMONS!!   A Charmander, Ratata, Doduo, Pigeoto, and a Pigey.  My iPhone was dead under an hour from a plugged in state and my grils were squealing all around me.  :)  Such a cool game.  I hope they get the server issues sorted out... cause... WE GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL!  XD

So, who has caught what?  :)
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