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Battening down the hatches for the incoming hurricane.  See y'all when its over!  :D
Planning a last minute vacation to Sevierville Tennessee!  Anyone know anything about the area and attractions?
Brilliant rays would descend down onto the precious article.  Or perhaps it would be a secret tome on a pedestal that would hold some wonderful, yet terrible spell.  Or she may see a treasure map leading to some hidden relic of Equestria!  Spotz’s mind raced as she followed her grandmother up the secret stairs.  It was all she could do to not push past the small pony and gallop to the top.  Then they were there, only a wooden hatch between them and this library’s national treasure.

Heather pushed open the hatch and crawled up on to the floor followed by an enthusiastic Spotz.  Here lay a small barren room with a simple desk and stool.  Heather sat heavily upon the stool clearly showing her age.  She looked back at her granddaughter and smiled.

Spotz just stood there slack jawed.  “That’s it?”

Heather chuckled and motioned for Spotz to turn around.  Against the back wall a large tapestry hung.  Woven of golden thread, mother of pearl and black onyx it depicted a terrible looking pony.  The pony was white as snow but was surrounded by thick black smoke and bright golden flames.  Fire seemed to roar forth from its mouth and nostrils.  Most troubling was its eyes in which shown both a deep sadness and ferocious hatred at the same time.

“That is your greatest ancestor, Incendious, Lord of the Fire Ponies.”  Heather bowed in reverence before the depiction.

Early morning in Canterlot

Spearmint sat in despair as he awaited the arrival of the ancient commander.  His career had been lackluster to date but he was a shoe in for officer candidate school if only he kept his record clean.  His chances now fouled up by something as foolish as missing muster.  He sighed deeply.  No, nothing short of a calamity could save him from not making the cut.

With a loud boom the chamber doors slammed open and a foul tempered commander stormed in with two other ponies in tow.   Spearmint shot to attention and was about to speak when silenced by the tone and words of his commander.

“Not now Spearmint!”  He stormed by and into his private office.  He was followed by a meek looking Rusty and an angry looking lieutenant.

A look of shock turned to glee as he realized what must be happening.  The golden child had messed up.  Not only would he get in but at the expense of Rusty!  And wait until he came out an officer, he would make sure lowly guards-pony Knightsbridge would be assigned to him.  The lieutenant snorted at him as he passed and the door slammed shut.

The commander sat heavily behind his desk and started reviewing an open file.  “Candidate Rustic Star Knightsbridge.”  Rusty stood at attention.  “What was it you saw yesterday that lead you to believe the museum was in danger and why did you not report it!”  He slammed his hoof down hard on the table.  Rusty regarded the scarred and malformed hoof a moment.

“Nothing sir.”  Rusty answered calmly.

“What?!”  The lieutenant hissed.  “Then how did you come to be there that evening after your detail was over, in fact after the museum itself was closed?”

“It wasn’t anything I saw sir.”  Rusty stood rigidly at attention.  “Had I seen anything I would have reported it immediately, sir.

The commander glared at him.  “Then how is it you were there to apprehend…”

“Attempt to apprehend, botched it up really.”  The lieutenant interrupted.  

“Yes.”  The commander’s focus shifted to that of the lieutenant.

Rusty stood quietly a moment lost in thought as to how he had decided to stay that evening.  “I just… had a feeling sir.”

“Tsk.”  The lieutenant rolled his eyes.  “A feeling.”

“I see.”  The commander’s look seemed to soften.  “Very well Rusty.  You had best return to your duties.”  The commander waved a hoof and turned away.

Rusty clicked his hooves and rapidly retreated from the office.

“And you had better look sharp when I come to check on you!!!”  The astonished lieutenant ranted.  “I don’t care that you have been up all night!”  The lieutenant turned toward his commander.  “You can’t possibly believe...”

“What?  That an earth pony had a premonition of some sort.”  The commander looked lost in thought.  “There are valid accounts of such and considering his lineage it would not surprise me if he had.  Still, no, I do not believe he has had any such thing.  I believe he is telling the truth, as he knows it.  He must’ve seen something without realizing it.  Still, keep an eye on him for a ‘sixth’ sense.”

Several floors below

“What happened!”  Commander Dark Staff grumbled.  He was tired from his watch and the additional duty of visiting the hospital had not improved his mood.  Beside him a thestral Captain by the name of Night Watch stood infuriated.  

Sparks stood straight and tall,  “While on patrol I was alerted to a chase in progress by Corporal Rogallo sirs.  We joined pursuit but lost the perpetrator when… it entered the Canterlot Cathedral.”

“Where you allowed one of my thestrals to nearly be killed!”  Night Watch boomed.

“It was not my intent that…”

“What is it winged guards are for?!”  Night Watch growled.

“To protect against assault from the sky and in the absence of that provide for fast communications.”  Sparks barked out the standing order without a moments thought.

“And which led you to send her in there!”  Night Watch raised his wings a moment before backing down to Commander Dark Staff’s raised hoof.

“She went of her own accord according to those who were there.”  Dark Staff stood and looked up at the candidate towering over him.  “Still to have allowed it and not alerted more of the guard is short sighted for an officer candidate.  However, we may still have the perpetrator trapped within the cathedral.

“Had a certain thestral corporal been in the AIR, we would know for certain.”  Night Watch grumbled.

Dark Staff sighed.  “I’m sorry Sparks.  I will be returning you to your unit at your proper previous rank.  Perhaps with a bit more experience…”

“Yes sir.”  Sparks’ face remained neutral.

“Dismissed Corporal Sparks.” Darkstaff watched the pony walk off.

“Hardly the punishment I would have laid out.”  Night Watch fumed.

“Perhaps you are a little too close to the matter?” Dark Staff turned to his old friend.

“To loose a thestral to such a trivial theft.”  Night Watch grumbled.

“But she is not lost, merely injured and will make a full recovery.”  Dark Staff sat relieved at this fact.  “What was it that was stolen?”

“Some silly statue.”  Night Watch turned to leave.  “An eagle of some sort.”

***** Canterlot Museum

All morning royal inquisitors had been scouring the museum looking for any trace of where the perpetrator had been or clue as to who exactly the perpetrator was.  Rusty had been watching them with great interest trying to get close to the scene but his lieutenant had been watching his every move.  It wasn’t until they had finished and the crime scene tape removed that Rusty could gain access to the room.  

He quickly looked about the room his eyes coming to rest on a small wooden pedestal where the item had been on display.  This room contained many spoils of war.  Fine treasures either seized or surrendered as reparations after The Second Pony War.  This section had contained those taken from the conquered griffons.

A small plate on the side of the table attested to this and read simply “Statuette from the Griffon Kingdom”.  The polished top showed the shape of the statues base outlined by the dust that had accumulated around it.  He stared at the familiar shape until the museum staff came in to clean up and wiped the pedestal top back to a polished shine.  He knew that shape.  It clearly resembled the cutie mark of one of his family’s oldest friends.  Rusty was distracted for the remainder of his shift as he considered this.  

By the time he was relieved, the fact he had been up for two days had started to show.  He was exhausted and trudged back to his barracks room for the first time in two days.  He quickly showered, polished his armor, and then flopped on the bed to stare at the ceiling while pondering what the shape he had seen on the table meant.  His vision blurred and his eyes closed when he picked up a familiar scent.  

It was a woody smell that he had only been recently exposed to.  He rolled over a saw his mail sitting on the small table next to his bunk.  Within was a letter from Spotz, who had taken to putting a pressed flower in them as of late.  Heather, a flower found up north where she was presently working as a librarian.  The thought still made him laugh.  Of all the jobs in Equestria, he never would have though his partner in crime would end up working in a library.

******Canterlot Cathedral

The bishop put out a small plate with a dead fish on it and a bowl of cream.  He looked about the dark reaches of the tall ceiling of the sanctuary for any trace of his visitor.  Lightning illuminated the stained glass windows for a moment and his eyes came to rest on one of a white pony lamenting over a fallen love.  All around were her comrades stood not knowing how to comfort the pony.

“I would gladly listen to anything you have to say.”  Gentle Spirit called out.  Only silence followed his words.  “Well then… you have sanctuary here and can stay as long as you like.”  Still silence.  “I will put out food so long as it is eaten… when you do leave… please do not damage any more of the stained glass windows.  They are very dear to me.”  The bishop turned and sighed, then left the sanctuary to return to his own quarters.
A New Tale II
A New Tale II
I caught some POKEMONS!!   A Charmander, Ratata, Doduo, Pigeoto, and a Pigey.  My iPhone was dead under an hour from a plugged in state and my grils were squealing all around me.  :)  Such a cool game.  I hope they get the server issues sorted out... cause... WE GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL!  XD

So, who has caught what?  :)
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Twilight hesitated before the mirror that would take her into the other realm.  Celestia had asked her to return to Canterlot High, find the other sirens and bring them back and her friends as well if she could convince them.  Twilight did not feel good about this and a feeling of doom had formed in her belly.  

She looked back at Celestia and Luna and saw concern where once there would have been looks of confidence.  With a deep breath she stepped through the portal, followed a moment later by Spike.  

“I can’t help but wonder what a more grown up Spike will look like on the other side.”  Luna pondered.  All expected Spike to go and knew better then to try and stop him or even suggest he do otherwise.

Everfree Forest

“It’s a statue of Mintie?”  Destrier asked fearing the answer.

“I… I don’t think so.”  Honeycrisp refused to look back at the statue.  “I think it’s her.”

“Are you certain?”  Destrier asked.

“Yes.”  Honeycrisp squeaked out.

Randi stood by the fire, now burning brightly and illuminating the scene.  She was staring intently at the statue with her ears pinned back, tense and ready to bolt if it should move toward her.  “It is very detailed…”  Randi muttered.  “… a cockatrice perhaps?  There are tales of them living in the Everfree.”

Destrier thought about this and took a deep breath.  Smokelike magic flowed lazily from his horn and explored the area around him. Randi’s legs flailed about as she backed away from its advance.  Honeycrisp just sat and watched unable to move nor look away.

“What are you doing Lord Gua…”  Randi started only to be hushed by Honeycrisp.

Destrier could sense all in the clearing. He sensed the minor scrapes and bruises on the two mares and also noted a sore beneath Honeycrip’s saddlebags.  Their time in the forest had caused a multitude of minor, yet irritating injuries.  He ignored these for the moment and continued to explore until the magic encountered the first statue.  Feelings of horror and despair emanated from it and he easily slipped into the consciousness of the being trapped within.

His name was Midnight, a demoted sergeant from the Luna Guard.  Destrier felt his frustration from being demoted from sergeant the night the ballroom had been damaged.  His career had been destroyed that night and he was having difficulty recovering from it.  He felt the regret of listening to Lancer and leaving to become a sergeant for Discord.  Then the fear of seeing the Cockatrice came to his mind next.  All this was mixed with the despair of being no longer living but unable to die.

“It was a Cockatrice.”  Destrier spoke softly and the smoke-like magic flowed quicker enveloping them all.  Within the all the statues he felt the life force of the petrified ponies.  He felt the fear within some and sorrow within others.  They were a mixture of Luna and Celestial guards, each known for being less then stellar when given an opportunity to shine.  It was not that they were bad guards, just not great guards.  Sure enough among them were Lancer and Mintie.

Destrier ground his teeth once their presence was confirmed.  He took a deep breath and all negative emotion faded away.  A calm sensation came over him and energy rushed up from the ground and into him.  He fancied that he felt his horn start to heat up as the energy focused in it and then departed into the smoke.  A scream broke through the air as one of the ponies started to return to her living flesh form.  Destrier smiled, picking up on Randi’s heart skipping a beat but, this was short lived as he sensed an incredibly strong wave of fear flowing out from her in all directions.

“Stay still.”  Destrier ordered sensing that Honeycrisp had been profoundly effected by this and had turned to bolt.  She froze in place trusting him completely.  Still the emotion flowed from Randi and threatened to overpower him until the smoke swirled about shielding him from it.  Healing magic flowed once again from him and more wails came from the other statues as they too were released from their stony prisons.  All the emotions he had sensed were being released from them, now that they were physically able to do so.

Destrier remained calm and continued to heal them helping more then a few keep hold of their sanity despite what they had just gone through.  Once he knew they were all safely healed he also healed the sore on Honeycrisp.  

Now Destrier felt nauseous and weak and slumped over.  The ground was cold and he felt the damp air making its way under his coat.  Moments later Honeycrisp and Randi had lifted him up and brought him close to the fire.  He felt concern from his beloved but still felt fear emanating from her friend.

Randi shivered in the night from the sounds she had just be subjected to despite the fire’s warmth and tried to calm herself.  She had seen Honeycrisp turn to bolt and had already hopped in that direction intent on following her.  When she stopped Randi just froze, no longer sure what to do. The reaction of the guards, while not what Honeycrisp had expected, did reassure Randi of her place in the world, however.

“Destrier!”  Mintie cried out with relief staring at the unicorn that had just rescued them all.

“What are you doing here?!”  Lancer scowled visciously.  

“Saving you it would seem.”  Honeycrisp snapped back.  Randi had not seen her act so aggressive and watched wide-eyed.  Randi had always found her friend to be remarkable.  When they first met she confronted Randi’s older brother who had fallen into a rage.  Not something many would dare to do.  And now in this cold dark scary place she stood defiantly between royal unicorn guards and her love.

“We do not need YOUR help master healer!”  Lancer sneered.

“Sure, now that he is done healing you.”  Randi joined Honeycrisp standing between Destrier and Lancer.  “I don’t think you finished the job!  You left some rocks in his head.”  

“Insolent Mudpony!”  Mintie lashed out.

“Arrogant glowbug!”  Randi snarled back.

“Randi!”  Honeycrisp sounded displeased.  “We are all on the same side here.”

“No.”  Destrier remained calm.  He knew why they were out here.  “We’re not… are we?” Destrier responded trying to get to his hooves.  His head ached and he was getting dizzy, just like when he collapsed on the dark continent.  I must not pass out he thought.  “I would not think that the princess would send her guards so deep into the forest.

“We are no longer her guards.”  One of the unicorns in the back remarked sadly.  Lancer gave him a nasty look and the guard looked away.

Lancer smiled sensing Destrier’s weakness.  His adversary’s legs shook and he looked about to be ill.  “That is true.  We have left her majesty’s service, we were never properly rewarded for our efforts there. We have left Equestria and sought out the safety within the wood and to serve its master.”

“Don’t be a fool.”  Desterier sat back hard no longer able to stand.  “You think you will be safer and better treated by Discord?”  Destrier gave a long sigh.  “Discord is going to properly reward you.”  Destrier spoke this calmly a smile at the corner of his mouth.  “I sincerely hope that he does.”

“Did Celestia send you after us!”  Lancer positioned himself on what would have been Destrier’s blind spot if Destrier still had sight.  He found two snarling mares there waiting for him and took a step back.  They were only earth ponies but if he used his magic to deal with them Destrier would certainly have him.

“No.  Celestia has no need for traitors.”  Destrier remained sitting.  “She has sent nopony looking for the likes of you.”

The group of ponies looked to one another nervously.  Destrier’s words had given them no comfort since healing them.  What would a proper reward from Discord be?  Were they now dead to Celestia?  

“Now go before I undo what I have done for you.”  Destrier frowned.  In truth he knew he could not make good on this threat but this bluff was all he had.  

“Tell me first what brings YOU out this way if not looking for us?”  Lancer was now watching Randi and Honeycrisp carefully.   They seemed to gain strength from one another’s presence and certainly seemed the biggest threat at present.  Particularly since he was not confident on how those following him would react given the present circumstances.

“We were looking for new statues for the royal garden.”  Randi growled before Destrier could reply.

“Thought ah quest was ovah.”  Honeycrisp added.

“Discord is looking for ponies to be part of his royal guard.”  Lancer commented ignoring the mares.  He motioned for one of his unicorns to advance.  “While I understand the head position is filled perhaps I will be rewarded for bringing him The Master Healer of Equestria.”  

“Back off!”  Honeycrisp demanded stepping in front of the one that was advancing.  She grabbed hold of a nearby branch that turned out to have been the stump of a small tree.  She pulled it out of the ground, a small stone entangled in its roots, and swung it like a small war hammer.  The look of her with it gripped in her teeth would have been amusing in any other situation.

“Ha!”  The unicorn lunged forward but pulled back immediately.

Honeycrisp swung her weapon hard but it had missed the better trained guard who had anticipated her reaction, if not caused it.  The weight of the stone spun her around and the guard went to pounce on her back.  Honeycrisp was quick however and kicked back with her hind legs.  There was an audible crunch and the helm seemed to ring until it reached the ground with the now unconscious unicorn’s head still within.

Honeycrisp faced them again as they started to advance.  Her heart was racing and her stomach queasy at the feeling of having crushed the unicorns jaw made her shiver.  Then she heard a snort next to her and a hoof dragged through the dirt.  Randi remained by her side growling like a vicious dog.

“Loose the club.”  Randi smiled at her.  “After hauling heavy wagons all this time, you are far more dangerous without it.”  They both looked back at their adversaries and the ring of swords being unsheathed rang out.

“Stop!”  Destrier commanded.  “I saved you from being the stone heirlooms of some cockatrice.  Do not make me return you to that state.”  He repeated the threat.  Smoke again came forth from his horn and the Jaw of the injured unicorn was healed.  The unicorn stood staring with hatred at the little earth pony that had bested him.  The smoke then healed Honeycrisp’s back ankle of a small fracture she had gotten from kicking him.  

“Save your healing.”  Randi growled as she backed away from the smoke now making way for her.  

“You wouldn’t dare turn us back into stone.”  Mintie scowled.”

“Harm one hair of their manes…”  Destrier let the idea hang in the air.  “Go!  Find your Master of Chaos.”

Some of the group now started moving away.  Mintie nudged Lancer and they too started to back away and finally turned and left. “This isn’t over.”  Lancer spat at them as he led his troops away.

“Ungrateful Unicorn Glo...”  Randi stopped, Honeycrisp’s glare shifting from the retreating guards to her.  The mares stared at each other a moment before collapsing into tears.  They had both been scared but had stuck together in the end.  Destrier moved closer to them and stood there listening to the sounds of the retreating ones until he could no longer hear them.
“Are they gone?”  Destrier asked quietly.

“Yes love.”  Honeycrisp dropped her makeshift weapon.  “You saved us.”

With that Destrier lost what little food was in his belly and collapsed by the fire.

Randi stood up and moved some more wood onto the fire, as it had nearly gone back out again.  Honeycrisp watched as the wet logs burst immediately into flames.  On any other day she may have pondered this but as she had just seen statues come to life it did not seem all that remarkable.  She was just glad for the comfort of the warm flames.

The next morning Honeycrisp made a modest amount of boiled oats for them but looked worried as Destrier slept on.  “That was the last of the oats.”  She sighed.

“Shame they didn’t leave us any supplies.”  Randi had been looking around in the dim light that had worked its way through the trees.  “They looked to have been camped here a while.”

There was a large pile of firewood here alongside the fire pit they had made.  Randi looked about and noticed the singed foliage on one side of the camp and walked over there looking about.  

Here alongside a hill was a large stone with the scars of magic being cast on and at it.  They had thrown so much magic at it they had killed all the foliage near it.

“This is it.”  Randi whispered to herself and then louder to the others.  “This is it!  They were after the mirror pool.”

“Why would they be after the mirror pool?”  Honeycrisped asked as she came up to look at the stone.  It was large but nowhere near a big as she thought it would be.

“I supposed not many came to serve Discord.”  Destrier had now woken and followed their voices dragging his hooves.  

“Returned to the living have you?”  Randi asked her tail flipping about unnaturally.  She stormed up to him and he turned his head a bit.  She gasped and started waving one of her hooves before his face.  He pulled his head back and squinted.  “You can see!”

Destrier looked about and smiled.  “So I can.”  He thought back to the last time he had been so ill.  “This has happened before and I recovered fully then as well but it took several days.”

“Do you always get so sick when you heal ponies?”  Randi asked meekly.

“Yes.”  Destrier replied softly without a thought.  His mind was busy elsewhere.  He must get word to Charger to see about getting a waterpony scale.  He should be back in Canterlot by now.  Destrier ‘s mind returned to the present. “Discord could use the pool to multiply his forces.”

“Nothing good comes of the mirror pool.”  Randi warned.  “When Pinkie Pie used it, it only brought chaos to her life and those around her.”  Randi realized they were both looking at her funny.  “Oh.”  Randi realized this would be exactly what the Lord of Chaos would want.

“They certainly tried every sort of magic to move it.”  Honeycrisp frowned.  “Look at the burns and chips they took out of the rock.”

“Twilight likely put a spell on it to make it resistant to magic.”  Destrier tapped the stone with his hoof .

Honeycrisp and Randi were looking at each other and smiling.  They put their shoulders against it and rolled it away from the cave entrance.

“I suppose a unicorn wouldn’t have considered that.”  Randi smiled.  When not reprimanded she continued.  “Legends tell that most of Twilight’s magical solutions to problems did not actually work.  In fact they tended to make things worse.”

“How so.”  Honeycrisp challenged.

“Well she kept a swarm of parasprites from eating all the food by removing their desire for food and they ended up eating the town instead.”  Randi smiled as the story came quickly to mind.

“She did accidentally turn one of her friends into a bat while saving my cousins orchard.”  Honeycrisp recalled.

“See.”  Randi smiled.

Destrier was ignoring them both as he stepped carefully into the cave they had uncovered.  He listened intently but all inside was quiet.  “Randi!”  Destrier called excitedly.  “Is this it?”

The mares looked at him.  He looked like a colt with a new toy.  “Stallions never grow up.”  Randi whispered to Honeycrisp.  “Just look at my brother.”   Randi grabbed a burning brand from the fire.  “Let’s find out.”  

There was a long ramp within and at the bottom Destrier found himself in a large cave lit by the glow of the pool of water it contained. Randi sat scowling at the pool of water.

“You will have to use your magic to fill the vial.”  Randi sounded less then pleased.  “We mustn’t touch the water.”

Destrier filled the vial with water from the precious pool.  “Are you alright?”  Destrier asked placing the stopper tightly on the vial. Steadying herself she turned to Destrier a frustrated scowl on her face.  Then Randi looked at her friend and started in her direction limping badly.

“You are hurt?” Destrier approached for a better look.

“Save your healing spells for those in greater need then I.”  Randi continued toward Honeycrisp.  It was obvious that her mechanical leg was not working properly and she had been quite chaffed by it.  Randi also had many scrapes and bruises Destrier could notice but her coat was free of any dirt or blood.  

Honeycrisp was another matter entirely.  Her mane and tail were matted and her coat covered in varying degrees of dirt.  

“She’s exhausted.”  Randi confirmed his thoughts.  “Never left your side for any reason and led you most of the way.  She insisted we come here.  She felt it would help you in some way.  Will it?”

Destrier thought about this and nodded.  “We will have to head back to Canterlot.”  Destrier had hardly slept last night.  Once Lancer got to Discord and informed him the Master Healer was out of his tree, Discord would be looking for him.  

Randi stared a moment then produced a bit of black hair from her saddlebag.  “This is a family heirloom… I go nowhere without it.”  Randi refused to look Destrier in the eye.  “It is said to be from a descendant of the fire ponies.  It is the closest you can come to actual firepony hair.  Each of the pony races shared a trait with the alicorns.  Hoof, wing, and horn.  The fire ponies manes and tails would flow about like Luna’s and Celestia’s.”

“Will that be close enough?”  Honeycrisp looked suspiciously at the coal black hair.  “Shouldn’t we try and track a pure blood fire pony down?  Perhaps they still exist?”

“The last pure blood Fire pony died long ago.”  Randi looked sad.  “A small white foal ruthlessly murdered one winter, drowned in the icy waters of a nearby pond.”
Canterlot Cases 39.5 The Mirror Pool
So here is an interesting thing.  I wrote this and lost it and wrote it again.  Hated it and then found both copies and combined them.  :)  Submitted as a rough work in an attempt to get things flowing again.  I truly want to finish the Healer Journey story for Destrier as it ties in to the next generation stuff so well.  I want to show why Randi is so close to him and Honeycrisp and where this friendship bloomed or at least was planted.  I mean really, Randi and any unicorn tolerating each other?  How did that happen?  Why do they put up with Randi, Spotz, and Fyre after all those years?  XD  Lemme know what y'all think.
I caught some POKEMONS!!   A Charmander, Ratata, Doduo, Pigeoto, and a Pigey.  My iPhone was dead under an hour from a plugged in state and my grils were squealing all around me.  :)  Such a cool game.  I hope they get the server issues sorted out... cause... WE GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL!  XD

So, who has caught what?  :)
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